Why Adopt?

If you’re considering a cat or kitten then please “adopt don’t shop”, it’s the best option and there are many cats and kittens in Tenerife looking for loving permanent homes. There are so many reasons to adopt, but here are 5 of our favourites.

5 Reasons to adopt a cat

1. You’ll feel loved

There is a common myth that dogs are more affectionate than cats. This is actually false. In fact, cats remember the kindness they receive and reciprocate it. No one can make you feel quite as unconditionally loved as a cat. They’re warm, their purring is adorable and they give the best cuddles. What could be better than snuggling up to a fuzzy cat on your sofa at the end of the day?

2. You’ll be healthier

It’s been scientifically proven that cats improve both your mental and physical health. Cats serve as social support during difficult times in your life, like losing a loved one. Your stress levels will also go down, reducing the risk of heart attacks. Cats might also help you sleep better.

3. Cats are independent

Compared to most other pets, cats are incredibly independent. They don’t need a lot of supervision which makes them the perfect pet for people who work long hours or don’t feel like getting up at 6 every morning to walk their pet.

4. They’re great hunters

Every cat has a tiger in their heart. Even house cats hunt and they’re great predators. They’ll keep the mouse and bug population down in and around your home.

5. You get to save a life.

By adopting a cat, you are saving its life and giving it a permanent loving home. That’s a pretty big deal. When you adopt, you gift a life.