Update: 02/06/20

What a busy few days it has been for this little one.  On Friday night the foster carer realised that there was something wrong with the paw of the right front foot, the pad was cut deeply. It was cleaned and bandaged to keep it protected during the night and on Saturday our wonderful vets Vet Express cleaned, stitched and bandaged it.  Unfortunately Saturday night he managed to chew the bandage off and take the stitches out.  Monday saw a return trip to the vet where its been re stitched and this time he has to wear a cone when hes on his own which seems to be working much better.









Update: 01/06/20

Look how cute the babies are.  They are putting on weight really well and Minnieis looking after them all perfectly.










Update: 29/05/20

Minnie and her babies are doing very well.  She is such a good Mummy and is feeding and looking after them really well.









Case Closed

Mufasa has today gone to his new home and a new life.










Update: 29/05/20

Today two of the kittens have gone to their new homes.  The remaining kitten will leave early next week and then we will be looking at getting the mother spayed when her milk has dried up.







Update: 29/05/20 afternoon

At first the kitten was very frightened and hissing so was given a few ours peace in it’s new foster home before having a bath to get rid of the multitude of fleas.  Worming treatment has also been given and it now seems a lot more settled.  It seems to have an abscess on its paw that the litter is sticking too.  Its been cleaned and a little bandage put on until we can get it looked at on Monday at the vets.







Los Gigantes drain baby

On the 28/05/20 we had an e mail from a lady in Los Gigantes about a very small kitten living down some steps in a small soak away drain.  She was feeding it but it needed help and was crying constantly.  On 29/05/20 one of our volunteers attended and was able to rescue the kitten and take it to our foster carer.






Update: 27/05/20

We know Shyla isn’t a cute fluffy baby kitten but he is a purring, handsome boy waiting for his forever home.
Shyla is a LEUKAEMIA NEGATIVE tested boy. He is approx. 10 months old & has been vaccinated, neutered & micro chipped.
Shyla is completely happy to be in a house hold with other cats, but due to a controlled medical condition, we have decided Shyla should be an indoor puss.
Shyla, is a gentle, quiet soul who really deserves a loving, safe home. Please contact us for Shyla’s information & to arrange to meet him if you think you might like to adopt.