Meet Dr John Tunarose

When you donate via PayPal it goes directly to our account at Vet Express. Your receipt will be in the name of John Tunarose whose healing hands you can see sewing the paw of Sox who was rescued from a drain by one of our volunteers. He and his assistant Marie have been with us from the start and saved many of our sick and abandoned kittens. They are more than experts in their field, they are also our friends.

Going back to Basics

The team at KittyCatz consist of special care experts and bottle feeders. Due to current demand, the volunteers have turned back the clock to 2018 when it was first set up to concentrate on the many sick kittens less than four weeks old.

10 Days to a Miracle


10 days.
10 days since this baby was rescued (a long with others) from an awful site here in Tenerife.
10 days is was what changed this kittens life from riddled with fleas, worms and headed for a lifetime of blindness 😿 to a happy, healthy fluff ball with good vision 😻

10 cents to 10 euros can be the difference between life and death for the kitties in our care. This is why we simply could not do our work without YOUR support and all help is so greatly appreciated 🐾❤️

You can do this by one of the following options-

➡️ By PayPal (donations go straight to our vets)
➡️ Donations of food, litter and kitten milk: We can collect or they can be left @vetexpress.
➡️ By donating just 1e a month to our teaming account. This can be done from any currency from anywhere in the world 🌍
➡️ By purchasing something from our virtual shop 🌐 #kittycatz_tenerife #tenerife #help#support #donate #thankyou @ Tenerife









10 Kittens

We have 10 kittens that have been removed from a vicinity after being found in horrendous health.

A further 10 more adolescents need to be caught, treated and neutered.

The kittens health issues that we have in care are:
Eye problems,
Ulcerated mouths,
Ear mites.
Secondary chest infections
One had fly larvae burrowing into his skin because he was too weak to do anything about it.

Hungry, exhausted and dehydrated the kittens are unable to feed by themselves due to the amount of congestion in the nasal passages.

👉Fed via syringe a small amount every 2 hours
👉Eye drops every 2 hours
👉Clearing airways every 2 hours
👉One kitten has to be given fluids under the skin.

As soon as they are strong enough they will be bathed to clear the remaining debris from their coats. However there is a strong possibility that 2 of the kittens will be blind.

Here they are having their first good meal.

Here they are just rescued.








Case Closed

Pia & Mia lunching in their forever home (03/08/20) 🏡
Thank you for adopting these 2 little cuties! We hope you enjoy lots of lunches and cuddles ❤️
A kitten is a commitment for life (cats can live a long time!) Our adoption process is simple and is there to ensure piece of mind for your and your new addition.













Update: 01/08/20

These 2 cuties aren’t a sweet as they look… Look at their ferocious roar!

Cuddly kittens are something we all need to see to brighten our days during these uncertain times.












Mia and Pia

These 2 beauties were found in the middle of nowhere, at the side of the road and are the latest additions to the kitties in our care ❤️
Meet Mia & Pia, lovingly named by one of our carers children 🐾
SO FAR they’re settling in to foster care well and doing all the things we’d expect for kittens of this age 🙏🤞
Good quality food, vitamins and treatment plus a bundle of love has been prescribed so far.










Update 05/08/20

Look at them now!! 😻😻 Blossoming into lovely little healthy kittens 🐾🐾
This is what 24 hour care, top quality milk, food and vitamins can do for tiny, abandoned new borns ❤️
We’re hoping over the coming weeks they will be ready for adoption, stay tuned!