Case Closed

Billy is settling in with lovely lady who found him! 😻
Billy was hand reared by one of our fabulous carers into this gorgeous kitten 😻 It’s difficult to say goodbye to the kitties we care for, especially when you’re on round the clock feeding duty! 🍼
It definitely takes the edge off when we see them so happy in their forever homes 🏡 Thank you for the photos Karen!








Update: 23/06/20

So far so good this little one is strong and his eyes have started to open. The foster carer has called him Curly Valentine.  The good news is that the lady that found him is going to adopt him when he is weaned.








White Newborn

Yesterday we were alerted to the plight of a small abandoned kitten of just a few days old. Luckily we still had space to take in the poor little fluff ball and hes now been washed (the best way to rid them of fleas at this young age) and had its first bottle of milk and here he/she is curled up on a fluffy blanket. Lifes exhausting when you’re tiny