Case Closed

As these kittens now need a home they have been transfered to K9 who have space to look after them until they are adopted.  This frees up one of our foster carers to take in more sick kittens.


Update: 18/06/20

These 2 beauties are waiting to be adopted at Vet Express Vet centre today.
During the normal working hours, you can pop along to meet them, both females, approx. 6/7 weeks old & they both love human kisses & cuddles. Adopting a Kittycatz kitten is an easy process & Vet Express will answer any questions etc. Plus all Kittycatz kittens are adopted with a trial period in your home.

A big thank you must be given to “Graham Webb Photography” who very kindly offered to take these superb, professional photos of our fur babies. Graham takes photos of peoples’ pets & you can find his amazing work on:
Facebook Graham Webb Photography
Graham has really captured how cute these 2 are & we all know how difficult it is to photograph a lively kitten!


Update: 28/05/20

Look at how good their eyes are now!  They are still on the eye drops and have some medicine for a small amount of diarrhoea but hopefully that will be sorted soon and they can get off to their new homes.








Update: 25/05/20

Its only been a few days but already the kittens eyes are getting better.  They will  continue to receive drops for a few more days and will need lots of handling to make them more comfortable with people.






Torviscas babies


KittyCatz specialise in helping the most sick and vulnerable. This litter was discovered today (21/5/20) whilst volunteers were out catching, neutering and returning wild cats any donations are so gratefully appreciated and vital to helping little ones such as these.