Update 11th January 2019

Thank you to Vet Express in Torviscas for finding Tassy a fabulous home at the beginning of January. Its official, the trial has gone well they love her and shes a keeper. Another success story.










Update 23rd December 2018

We are looking after Tassy for Live Arico after she was found with a broken leg. Shes had a number of check ups and so far the consensus is to leave her leg as is and monitor her closely. Whilst she can’t put weight on the leg she does use it to steady herself whilst stationery so its performing a useful function. Its clear it doesn’t cause her pain so for now it will be left and there will be another check up in the New Year.










Update 11th December 2018

Tassy is in our foster care having her ability to use her broken leg evaluated. Shes using it less each day unfortunately but becoming increasingly adept at hopping. As you can see shes happy and relaxed so we’ll update you at the end of the week after her check up.










Update 7th December 2018

Tassy had a check up today. Various specialists have looked at her x rays. One said operate, one said remove the leg and another said wait and see. Shes not in pain, happy, eating and using the leg (to an extent) so we’ve decide to wait and see and re evaluate in a weeks time. If she seems in any distress before the week is up we will of course take her earlier. In the mean time she is having very high quality food, antibiotics for the abscess and specific vitamins for bone density.










As you know we at KittyCatz collaborate with organisations that don’t have the foster carers with the experience available to treat/foster cats and kittens with special needs. This young cat has come to us from Live Arico not only with a badly broken leg but with an open abscess. With the sponsorship of Live Arico she is now being cared for by us whilst an evaluation of her future treatment is determined. We’ll keep you posted.