Update: 5th February 2019

Pumpkin has been lucky enough to be chosen for adoption and will be going on trial tomorrow.  He will be having the rest of his leg removed on the 14th March because at the length it is it is causing him pain and discomfort.

















Update 17th December 2018

Pumpkin  continues to do really well and is now managing to run around his foster home on his three legs.  His stump is healing really well and the vet is very pleased with his progress.














Update 22nd October 2018

Pumpkin has had another check up and his poorly leg is confirmed dead. At some stage it will need to be removed but hes so tiny its not ideal to do that yet. We don’t know when its done if it will be removed at the hip or the knee that will be decided nearer the time. In the meantime we are monitoring him closely for infection. The good news if hes drinking his milk really well and gaining weight steadily. He has a long way to go but so far so good.














Update 19th October 2018

Pumpkin went to a specialist vet today for a check up. His poorly leg has been bleeding so we need to heal the skin as best we can over the weekend prior to another check up early next week. The good news is hes not in pain, is drinking the milk really well and has put on 19gms in 24 hours.














Tied in a bag and dumped in the basura! So young the umbilical cord is still attached!! UNBELIEVABLE? Well no because this is exactly what someone did to Pumpkin as we’ve called him/her. Not only that but Pumpkin has a strangulation of one of the back legs which will probably mean when they are older having to have it removed, for now its in a splint. Whether that happened in the womb or at the hands of someone we don’t know. Thank you to Live Arico who took the baby in and then contacted KittyCatz to take over the care. KittyCatz work closely with other charities taking the most sick and vulnerable cats and kittens and giving them a chance.