Case Closed

Both kittens have now been homed and the mother caught, spayed and returned to her colony.  Another success











Update: 12/06/20

Already the kittens are homed and today they went to meet their new family.  Unfortunately we have been unable to find the last remaining kitten we are hoping that a member of the public has picked it up because it has not been seen again.










Update: 10/06/20

Its only been a couple of days but already the kittens are looking much better and becoming less timid.  The life of a kitten on the street is a hard one so they will have a much better life once they are homed.









Update: 09/06/20

Last night the mother was caught and today she will be spayed and returned to the same area.  Her ear will be clipped so she is easily identifiable as already being spayed.  This is important so that she is not re caught in the future because it is not known that she is already spayed.








Update: 08/06/20

Two of the babies have been caught and will go into one of our foster homes today.  They are full of fleas and their eyes need drops but we will look after them until they can be homed.







Playa Paraiso Family

Look at this gorgeous little family.  We know that this is the mother and siblings of Mufasa who has already been in our care and now rehomed ( you can see his story in “Closed Cases”).  We are going to try and catch the mother get her spayed and re release her and also get the babies and rehome them.