Case Closed

These kittens are now ready for homes so details can be found on our “for adoption” page











Update: 23/06/20

Look what a difference good care and a few days can make.  We are thrilled with the progress of these little ones.  They will be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks.











Update: 17/06/20

All 3 made it through the night!!
They’re far from being in good health BUT are in a much better condition than yesterday.
Nothing but praise and appreciation for our fabulous foster carer who stayed up all night hand feeding the weakest baby we were afraid wouldn’t make it.










Patio Kittens

This litter of kittens are so weak and poorly that 1 did not even make the journey to @vetexpress. Out of the 3 that are left there is another that may not make it through the night. They arrived to us riddled with fleas, eyes infected so badly they’re inflamed and very weak.
Their mother is also in a bad way with fleas, diarrhoea and infectious peritonitis. After spaying and treatment we have also discovered that she was pregnant!

We specialise in helping cases such as these and the kittens are with one of our dedicated carers receiving the best treatment we can offer although it’s not sounding too promising for this little family! Every minute that they’re fighting is vital at this stage.  #kittycatz & #vetexpress are praying that we still have these 2 girls and their brother with us tomorrow.

We rely solely on donations from our supporters and as this is a difficult time for everyone, you can imagine how organisations like ourselves are struggling. In cases such as this one, the costs of treatment can be almost never ending as we do all we can to help them merely survive in the first instance 🙏