Case Closed

All three kittens are now homed and the mother has been spayed and returned to the kind gentleman that was feeding her and wanted to look after her.  Another success.








Update: 29/05/20

Today two of the kittens have gone to their new homes.  The remaining kitten will leave early next week and then we will be looking at getting the mother spayed when her milk has dried up.







Update: 25/05/20

These lovely kittens are now all reserved and when they are completely weaned they will be going to their forever homes.  They are eating well now so we don’t think it will be long.






Mother and babies

Sometimes we are asked to look after a mother and babies found on the street and this was the case with this lovely mum and her 4 babies.  The grey kitten is weak and has deformities in 2 paws but we’ll do what we can for it. You can see in the video how much the mother loves her baby and I am sure she knows it is sick.  We have, of course, had it looked at by a vet but there is little that can be done except wait and see.