Update: 04/08/20

Today she is staging a sit in, in the litter tray 😼 This morning she flatly refused to come out if the cage, she is turning into a real diva! Being the only female with 5 males she is starting to rule the roost now 🐾 Just over 2 kg and the guys over 5 kg, she stands no messing from any of them 😼
One of them has been stupid enough to go in her cage, steal her mouse and is currently lying on it. Wait until she finds out guys…














Update: 25/07/20

Skinny minies favourite time of the day. She loves to come into the house for an hour or two a day, away from the other cats in the cattery.  Sitting in her box whilst she is fussed and loved then she has a roam around exploring. She’s so sweet and easy to care for… However she doesn’t like the powder for her kidney function, so has to have it syringe fed in meat but apart from that she’s putting on weight nicely.














Update: 19/07/20

Slight less of a skinny mini now! 😻 as you can see her feeding regime is working and she’s putting on weight 💪 She is such a sweetheart 😻 Minnie is in the cage for feeds and overnight as her medication is administered through her food which she eats up by the morning 🙏 She likes hiding in cupboards and gets on well with the other cats at her foster carers home 🏡
We’re so fortunate in our small group of volunteers at KittyCatz to have people with vast knowledge and experience to help kitties with special requirements & treatment.













Update: 12/07/20

This beautiful momma is in a bad way.
Minnie has always had her sweet little head tilt which is caused by a neurological problem. As she was still able to lead a normal cat mum life, it was little cause for concern.
Since giving birth the the ‘minis’ 😻 Minnie herself was a little underweight, as she was being a top mama feeding her little ones so well it did not initially seem as though it was a serious problem.

How things change 🙀😿
Her results were not what we hoped they would be, she’s now severely underweight and suffering incontinence 💔
We’re super fortunate to have some experienced experts who volunteer for KittyCatz in order to care for her in the best way HOWEVER… treatment is neither free nor cheap.













Update: 23/06/20

Modelled beautifully by one of our foster carers sons.

These little sweeties are eating, playing and growing into strong kittens! They will be looking for their forever homes soon enough.

We have several kitties looking for their forever homes. if you’re interested in adopting please don’t hesitate to contacts us for a chat.














Update: 17/06/20

MINNIE & HER MINIS 😻🐾 Look how well they’re all doing! ❤️ This litter are growing into healthy, strong kittens and will be looking for their forever homes before we know it.












Update: 10/06/20

MINNIE & THE MINIS 😻🐾 Check up for this little family today 🩺 Minnie is a bit on the slim side due to feeding her babies so well! 🍼She is receiving treatment that will up her food intake as she will be spayed and released when the minis are ready for adoption 🏡 We appreciate that these are difficult times for everyone not just the kitties 🐾 which is why we set up a Teaming account! Securely donate just £/€1 per month at https://www.teaming.net/kittycatz-vetexpresstenerife to help towards this vital treatment 🙏❤️ #Kittycatz #vetexpress #teaming #checkup #catfamily#catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #donate #thankyou @ Tenerife











Update: 07/06/20

Minnie is thin, very very thin.  This isn’t unusual with nursing mothers that have come from the street but its something we need to be very careful of. Today she will see the vet to have a check up and will start to receive extra calcium every day as producing the milk will depleat her calcium levels.  On a brighter note the eye fairy has been and the kittens are starting to look out on the world.











Update: 01/06/20

Look how cute the babies are.  They are putting on weight really well and Minnieis looking after them all perfectly.










Update: 29/05/20

Minnie and her babies are doing very well.  She is such a good Mummy and is feeding and looking after them really well.