Update: 7th July 2019

Cherry now has a home but Mango is still suffering a little with his breathing which he may always have a weakness with.











Update: 12th May 2019

Mango is very very sick. His breathing is bad with a massive lung infection and we’ve had to take him Yaiza for emergency treatment even though its Sunday. Hes now back with the foster carer receiving nebulizer treatment in an improvised tent. Hes a little bit better this evening, we need to monitor him closely and probably get further treatment tomorrow. Our foster carer is a specialist in this area, Mango is a very lucky boy that she could act so quickly.










Mango and Cherry

Look at these beautiful kittens, they might look healthy but are in fact very sick. Mango (the black and white on the left) has pneumonia and has had 10ml of fluid drained from his lungs. His sister Cherry has a nasty case of diarrhoea. Both are very poorly. We are helping Live Arico with their care as they need almost constant monitoring and intensive care.