Update 05/08/20

Look at them now!! 😻😻 Blossoming into lovely little healthy kittens 🐾🐾
This is what 24 hour care, top quality milk, food and vitamins can do for tiny, abandoned new borns ❤️
We’re hoping over the coming weeks they will be ready for adoption, stay tuned!









Update 21/07/20

These little new borns who were rescued in Guía de Isora have had round the clock care and attention by one of our fabulous carers 🍼✨  Unfortunately one hasn’t made it but the other two are going strong.
They’re on the move, eyes opened and their curiosity is growing too 😸
Still a long way to go with good quality food, milk, vitamins and treatment 🩺💊









Guia de Isora kittens

Our vets Vet Express were asked (10th July 2020) by a member of the public if they knew a charity that might be able to take these kittens that were found.  They contacted us and luckily we had a spare foster carer that could bottle feed them.