Update: 31st January 2019

Daniella has been struggling to gain weight and continues to be very small for her age.  Shes started to gain weight quickly now though but all of a sudden has developed an abscess on one foot.  Its fairly easy to treat though and we are doing that.  She also has a wobble when she walks but that too is being treated with extra Vitamin B daily.  Hopefully she’ll be better soon.









Update: 23rd December 2018

 Daniella met Father Christmas this week and the word is that all she wished for was to be adopted. Sadly though thats still not happened. As you may remember she was abandoned by the children in the pet carrier. We are hoping that soon she’ll find her forever home.








Update: 11th December 2018

All we want for xmas is….. to get Daniella a loving permanent home. She was cruelly abandoned by children and found dehydrated, covered in urine, faeces and felt tip pen. Despite the trauma she has been through, with our care she is now a loving, beautiful bundle of fluff. What a wonderful xmas it would be for her, to have her own forever home. pm us to express an interest. All kittens go on a weeks trial.








Update: 1st November 2018

Daniel is doing so well since being found abandoned by the children in the cat carrier. His hair is growing back, hes putting on weight and the diarrhoea has cleared. Here you can see him in the first picture in full song demanding his breakfast. Soon he will be ready for his forever home so if you might be interested please send us a private message.







Update: 26th October 2018

Daniel is now approx. 5 weeks old & he loves his strong name chosen by Carol Flemming who generously sponsored 10e to call him this. Thank you Carol.
Daniel was found in a very poor state. Covered in his own waste which had burnt his fur & tummy skin. This is now starting to grow back. The pink paint or felt tip pen someone had drawn on him is also fading away too.
Daniel is still being treated for cat flu & he does feel the cold so needs to be kept snuggled & warm at all times, but, considering every thing this young kitten has been through he is coping well & is a fun loving baby.








 We are continually shocked by the heartlessness of people on this Island but today we are more than shocked by what children have done to this kitten. It was found today locked in a disused house in this pet carrier with no water. Piecing together eye witness reports we know that teenage children did it on Friday so its been there 2 days and would have died there if it wasn’t for someone who heard its crys and went to investigate. Its now safely with KittyCatz and will get a full check up tomorrow. We think it has problems with its eyes and definitely a skin condition.