Case Closed

I’m sorry to report that the little cream kitten passed away yesterday. We’re not sure exactly what the problem was, some type of infection. We had him up and down to the vets several times but he didn’t respond to treatment sadly.







Update : 15th April 2019

We’ve had some ups and downs over the last 24hrs. He was very unsettled over the loss of his sister and then developed diarrhoea at lunch time. Treating these babies with medicine is very difficult due mainly to the minute doses that their weight/age can withstand. However hes been treated and by the evening he was much better. He now weighs 128 gms an increase of 14 gms since yesterday which is excellent but even more so considering his diarrhoea. Fingers crossed for a more settled day today.








Update : 14th April 2019

Its not been a good night. Sadly the little kitten had already passed away when I got up for the 1am feed. Its always very upsetting but the odds were stacked against her and she slipped away in her sleep. Since taking his sister away the boy has been very unsettled he definitely knows shes not there. Hes only put on 8 gms at this mornings weigh in which I think is down to him being unsettled and not getting his sleep. He has a teddy as a comfort but its just not the same. Hopefully he’ll settle down given a little time.








Update : 13th April 2019

The big kitten has progressed to bottle feeding and now weighs 106 gms thats 10 gms since yesterday which considering he was weighed just after having a poo that an elephant would have been proud of thats excellent. The tiny kitten is fragile but taking milk from a syringe and thats the best we can hope for at this stage. Shes put on 2 gms and now weighs 55 gms.








White Kittens

Today KittyCatz have taken in these babies from K9. They were found on a balcony in one of the coast resorts. Whether the mother had just gone for food or whether they were abandoned by the mother we don’t know but they are now safely in our care. As you know if you follow our page the mortality rate is high with new borns but we will do what we can. The bigger one we think is a boy and weighs 96 gms. The smaller one we think is a girl but only 53 gms which is extremely small, about half the normal birth weight. We’ll keep you updated.