Update 16th August 2018

Mittens  continues to thrive.  shes eating really well and is strong.  Today our volunteer had to go out for a number of hours so of course Mittens had to go with her. Here she is outside Leroy Merlin,





She has to be carried around in something and empty handbag is as good as anything.  Here she is snuggled up.

Update 12th August 2018

Mittens  is so named because her two front paws look like little mittens.  Shes eating well and sleeping 3 to 4 hours at a time.  Kittens of this age do have a high mortality rate but shes strong and a healthy weight of just under 300 gs so we are hopeful that she will continue to thrive. 





KittyCatz are fostering Mittens on behalf of

Albergue Comarcal Valle Colino

Mittens or (Cosimo as she was originally named) was found on 31/7/18 still with the umbilical cord attached.  After being in foster care with Valle Colino for 10 days she has now (11/8/18) come into the  care of KittyCatz.