Update : 23rd February 2019

It is with deep sadness that I write this post to say that Marley has passed away. He stopped taking his milk suddenly at mid day yesterday and despite battling to keep him going he slipped away at around 10 am this morning. I had taken him to the vet who thought perhaps he had an intestine obstruction (although we don’t know for sure) but the treatment didn’t work unfortunately.









Update : 20th February 2019

Marleys feeding has been increased to every hour and this little and often is meaning his overall milk intake has increased significantly. Hopefully we’ll see an improvement on the scales tomorrow. Hes also had his first poo which is also a good sign.










Kitten season has begun. This little munchkin was found today in Los Abrigos in a box in the Basura. Now it is in our care, we will do all we can for it. Watch this space for updates.