Update 27th September 2018

This story outlines the type of kitten KITTYCATZ is aiming to help & care for. The motherless babies, days old. Baby kittens cold & suffering malnutrition with no one to care for them. This is where KITTYCATZ steps in.
Sadly some kittens in this situation will not survive as was the case of Berties’ siblings.  I’m sorry that there have not been many updates recently but we have been trying to keep these babies alive but slowly one by one they have died.  All except for one.
Bertie has surprised us all. He was born a fighter & he definitely had to fight plenty of battles along the way. This brave little soldier beat the odds with 24 hr. intensive care & of course, he is loved by everyone who has cared for him throughout his journey.
Bertie is now a picture of health & will be joining his new adoptive family TODAY.
Good luck Bertie! Muchos besos xx





Update 20th August 2018

The kittens are growing by the day and taking their milk really well.  They still have a long way to go problems can arise out of the blue at any time but so far so good we are really pleased with their progress.





Magnificent 7

These magnificent 7 kittens have come into our care today (16/8/18).  They are around 10 days old their eyes are just starting to open.  They are taking their milk really well and all seem strong.  There does not appear to be any obvious runt of the litter.