Case Closed

Unfortunately Lenny had to be put to sleep.  His Leukemia over took him and it was kinder to let him go peacefully.









Update : 23rd February 2019

Lenny is still suffering with tummy problems which is stopping him putting on weight. Hes been to the vets twice this week receiving intensive treatment and will go again for another appointment on Saturday. Despite being poorly he is incredibly content and an absolute delight to care for.









Update : 5th February 2019

Lenny (thank you Nikki for the name) is poorly. Hes had a thorough check up at the vets today and our initial diagnosis is confirmed. He has ear mites, cat flu, ulcerated eye, anaemia, urine infection, vitamin deficiency and weak positive for Leukaemia. Having said all of that he is the sweetest, softest, purriest, gorgeously friendly kitten you could ever wish to meet. We are going to do our best for him although there may become a time where we have to decide if its kinder to put him to sleep. In conjunction with advice from the vet he is not at that stage yet. His treatment has started and here he is on his hot water bottle.









Update : 2nd February 2019

Lenny has been found in Valle San Lorenzo crying and alone outside an apartment block.  We think he is about 12 weeks old and a gorgeous chocolate colour. He is extremely loving so obviously been someone’s pet. He has a nasty eye condition, ear mites, flu and a urinary infection so is poorly but now in good hands.