Update 30th August 2018

Kitty has recovered well from her operation and was released today.  She is a free spirit who came to humans when she was at her lowest ebb but we feel would not do well as a house cat.  She has put on weight and can live peacefully with no more babies and go where the wind takes her.  Our work is done 🙂

Update 27th August 2018

It was spay day for Kitty today, the operation went well and she is now back at home.  She is a young cat perhaps one year old and the vet was able to tell whilst doing the operation that she has had at least one litter of kittens in the past.  She now weights 2.5 kg which means that in just a couple of weeks she has put on 1.1 kg.  Shes still very thin but I’m sure over the coming weeks she will continue to fill out. Thank you SO much to the lovely lady that donated so the spay was free for Kittycatz and to VET Express in Torviscus for giving a very special price.

Update 21st August 2018

Kitty is continuing to get stronger every day,  He hair is so much cleaner and in better condition and she is more content in herself.  We are aiming to have her spayed next week if she continues improving.

Update 10th August 2018

Kitty has started to put on weight as this photo shows.  Of course at the moment it is just in the stomach area but if her appetite continues it should soon start to go on in other areas.  Her diarrhoea is not as bad but continues.  We think it might be the volume of rich tin meat she is eating so have started to mix in nutritious kitten biscuits which we are hopeful will help. Sis also receiving added vitamin paste and has free access to kitten milk for added vitamins.

Update 8th August 2018

Kitty was taken today for a full check up at one of our partner vets.  As Kitty is in such a delicate state it has been expressly decided NOT to wash kitty or worry to much about her outward appearance at this stage.  It is much more important to concentrate on the causes of the diarrhoea, her dehydration and emaciation. As is our standard practice she was tested for Leukaemia and Feline aids.  Unfortunately she was positive for Leukaemia.   Although she is suffering with chronic diarrhoea she is in other ways very healthy.  She is eating well, alert and generally very happy in herself.  She was given long acting antibiotics and a powder mixture of wormer, antibiotics and probiotic to be added to her food.  We are hopeful that her leukaemia is not “active” and that she is so thin because of lack of nutrician.


Kitty arrived today late in the afternoon  (6th August 2018) onto the terrace of one of our volunteers.  The temperatures today have reached 37 degrees and she was dehydrated, exhausted and emaciated.  She weighs just 1.3 kg where the normal weight of an adult female should be in the range of 3.5 kg to 4.5 kg  She will be de fleaed, wormed and given lots of good quality food and vitamins to build her up.  KittyCatz treat and care for sick cats and as such she has been brought into our organisation for care until she is ready for a suitable home.