Update 4th October 2018

It is with deep regret that we have to announce that Flooky passed away today whilst under anaesthetic to have his teeth removed.  Nothing else was helping his mouth condition and after much agonising and in consultation with our specialist it was decided an operation was his only hope.  He had been waiting a couple of weeks gaining strength but unfortunately he slipped away.  He touched the hearts of many people and he will be missed He very much.

Update 27th September 2018

Flooky is struggling.  His health is up and down, some days he eats well but many days he does not.  He is visiting the vet several times a week and receiving various treatments.  His leukaemia is under control it continues to be the mouth ulcers that are causing him severe problems.  This week he was due to have his teeth removed which should/could help but this has been postponed  until he is stronger.


Update 23rd August 2018

Today was check up day at the vets.  He has put on 200 g’s in 2 weeks and now weights 3.3Kg.  He needs to still put on more but thats good for two weeks and considering his mouth is still very sore.  He has had injections again for antibiotics and cortisone and will start on a mouth spray to be sprayed directly on his mouth ulcers.  We will return again in two weeks for another check up.

Update 20th August 2018

Flooky is eating really well and starting to put on weight.  His hair is starting to grow and he is a very happy boy.  He continues to have problems with his mouth and has pain killers every day which are certainly helping.   He has a check up at the vets on Thursday.

Update 12th August 2018

The last 24 hours has seen a vast improvement.  He is clearly in less pain as he is eating ravenously, moving around and generally much more up and about.  Fingers crossed his new treatment will continue to help him.

Update 11th August 2018

Flooky has made progress this week but it is slow and he has been in a lot of pain. He had a vet check up today that confirmed that his mouth continues to be extremely sore and stronger antibiotics and pain killers are required which he has now started on.


KittyCatz are fostering Flooky on behalf of

U.R.A Rescate Tenerife

Flooky as he is now affectionately called was found on 14/7/18 under a car in a terrible condition.  An extensive vet examination found that not only was he positive for Leukaemia but also Calicivirus, extensive mouth ulcers and a skin infection.  All in all he was in a very poor state, malnourished and extremely thin.  After in patient veterinary care he came to our organisation on 6/8/18 .  As you can imagine he is on an extensive range of medicines, vitamins, pain killers and good quality food.  All aimed at treating his problems and building him up nutritionally.