Case Closed

It is with regret that we announce that Dory sadly passed away unexpectedly.  Rambo though has a home of his own now on a finca is doing extremely well.









Update 19th October 2018

It was eye check up day for Dory and Rambo today. They are doing splendidly. The oral antibiotics can stop but the eye drops and eye cream are to continue. Rambo’s right eyelids are starting to fuse together as his right eye shrivels and dies. The vet has re opened it today to ensure access for the drops and cream and we’ll need to be extra careful to keep it from re fusing.









Update 15th October 2018

Dory and Rambo have had an impromptu visit to the vets this morning. Diagnosis, not only ear mites but ringworm too. Nothing that can’t be helped with medication but yet another little hurdle for them.








Update 7th October 2018

Poor Dory is not well. Today she is running a temperature and her eye has swollen. Shes had an emergency vet consultation and been given oral antibiotics and an injection for pain and inflammation. It seems that an infection is brewing in her right eye hence why it is so swollen now. She will be going to the vet again tomorrow where they will assess whether the lid can be sewn together to rest the eye or whether it is removed. Ultimately it will be removed anyway but she is so tiny it is dangerous when they are so small.








Update 8th October 2018

Dory and her new best friend Rambo have been in the vets all day today receiving treatment for their poorly eyes. Its pitiful to see such tiny kittens with such problems at this early age. They will both almost certainly be totally blind but we are doing everything we can to keep them happy and “healthy”.







Update 1st October 2018

Here is Dory sporting her new coat to keep her warm, what a little darling. Shes underweight and feeling the cold so her little coat is keeping her snug and warm. She had a check up at the vets today and her eye medication has been changed. We don’t think she will ever be able to see but we are doing everything we can for her.







Update 30th September 2018

The worst eyes eyelids have been sewn together. This is normal practice in these cases as it gives the eye time to rest, and hopefully heal. A tiny hole is left between the eyelids so that intensive amounts of drops can be given. She was very underweight but is eating now and her body condition is improving. She is very vocal at feed times and as you can see from the picture loves to sleep in her bowl. She is adorable and very loving despite all the intensive treatment she is receiving. We are 99% sure she is a girl but it can be difficult to tell when in such bad bodily condition. She has a check up at the vets tomorrow so look out for an update on her very soon.







Poor little Dory (short for Dormouse) has been found wandering the streets. Her eyes are in a terrible state, she is very under weight and covered in fleas.  She is now in our care and we will do our best for her.