Update: 17th May 2019

And then there was 3. A third kitten of the same litter has been rescued, a sibling for the two with bad eyes. We’re on our way to collect it and reunite with its sistes.







Update: 15th May 2019 (Evening)

What a difference a wash makes!! The sibling of the blind kitten. This one has one poorly eye so we’ll start treatment straight away. Both siblings are now together. I think we have one boy and one girl but its not always easy to tell when so small.






Update: 15th May 2019 (morning)

This morning we took the little blind kitten to the vet. Her eyes have been cleaned and she will have a check up Friday. The vet has confirmed one eye is definitely gone and the other most probably gone but we’ll need to reaccess that over the next few weeks. This afternoon I’ve had a call from the same lady saying shes found a sibling and the pictures are below. We are on our way to collect it.






Blind Kitten

Last night we had an emergency call about this poor baby who is now in our care. We were able to get some emergency telephone advice from our vet and as we keep many medicines in stock for these types of situations we were able to start treatment including pain relief immediately. We think one eye but probably both won’t be able to be saved but we’ll take it to our vet first thing this morning. Update later.