Dream Team

If you haven’t managed to pick up a copy of this weeks Canarian weekly here is a copy of the text from our article.

Teamwork makes the dream work and that’s certainly true at KittyCatz. Some of the foster team have been fostering for many years and some are fairly new to the whole experience. There is no stupid question when it comes to the health and well being of those in our care and we work together to bring the best care to the sick cats and kittens of Tenerife. At KittyCatz, we only take vulnerable cases but it is so easy when you are an animal lover to want to take them all. It’s difficult to turn a cat or kitten away but it’s a group decision. We give each other emotional support at these times. There is always someone to share the heartache if we have to take a kitten or cat to the vets to have it put to sleep. Never a happy day but sometimes it’s the kindest decision. When we take on a kitten, we also have to consider the logistics of to who and when. This often entails shuffling kittens around between foster carers to give the expert care required. Zeus came to us with a cold which wouldn’t clear. After a vet visit the first volunteer began a course of antibiotics, saline up the nostrils and treatment in a home made steam room and still the mucus remained. A couple of weeks later the mucus was still as bad as ever so off Zeus went to another carer. It turned out that Zeus was allergic to a plant in the garden but when he stayed with someone who had a terrace the mucus disappeared. It’s not just each other we depend on. Family and friends are often called upon to help us, especially with the donation of raffle prizes. Who knew what the customs officers thought when our family and friends filled hand luggage with rubber ducks for our garden fete last year and the hook a duck game! Our partners are our greatest supporters. they are working almost as hard as the volunteers. One of the volunteer’s husband, Zeke Neville from Granadilla Diving ran a competition called Fish in Box to pay for an eye removal for a poorly kitten. He also donates a percentage for anyone who books a dive through his website. If you would like to help us by becoming a foster carer, providing a prize for a raffle, hosting one of our collection boxes or volunteering in any way contact us for an informal chat. Follow us on Facebook or our website www.kittycatz.net




Canvas Creativity

Have you ever wondered what old terrace canvas blinds can be used for when they’re replaced? Possibly not, but our volunteers have had some great ideas to help the kittens in our care with it. One of our valued sponsors, Andrew Hartley of Lightening Signs and Blinds, provides us with many metres of used canvas. It’s extremely hard wearing and our volunteers make shopping bags which are strong enough to carry heavy tins without the handles breaking and sell them to raise funds. A great purchase, as long as you like stripes! They are extremely popular, but most of the material is used by our carers for our intake of foster babies. KittyCatz volunteers make little beds for sick kittens and we are ever mindful of spreading disease from kitten to kitten so these durable beds can be boiled and bleached several time ready for the next visitor. The beds are specially made to keep our patients safe, we don’t want them rolling out during rehabilitation. They have been through enough in their tiny lives without damaging their fragile limbs. Recently we had three kittens who had ringworm which is highly contagious so we had to throw away their green striped beds after each treatment. We used six of our canvas beds that month so thank you Andrew for the continued supply of canvas. Did you know ringworm isn’t actually a worm, it’s a fungal infection which looks like scales, mostly in the shape of a ring, hence the name. If there are several kittens sharing the same space they will surely catch it and it takes six weeks of treatment to cure and the treatment is expensive. It can infect humans too so we have to be extra vigilant with our cleaning routines and washing everywhere and everything the kitten has touched, so no kissing their cute faces! It’s best to wear gloves to contain the spread, especially if you have your own cats like most of our volunteers do. As an extra precaution, where there’s an outbreak we shower in a special treatment gel. It’s a really pretty colour pink, but don’t let that fool you, it stinks! After six weeks of treatment, the foster kittens are no longer cute balls of fluff which most people want when they adopt so they very often lose their opportunity of being adopted in Tenerife. Thankfully we do sometimes find loving homes with our partners in Germany. More of that in a future edition. Follow our work on Facebook or our website www.kkittycatz.net.




Want to foster?

 Would you like to join our small team of foster carers? We provide food, litter, vet treatment and lots of support so you never feel on your own, you provide enthusiasm, love and lots of cuddles!!

Ideally you need to live in the South and have a car and all cats and kittens need to be kept inside so not having a garden is not a problem. If you would like to know more contact us with your phone number and we’ll give you a ring to discuss how you could help.




KittyCatz is growing

We have a regular coloum now in the Canarian Weekly but for those of you not able to get hold of a copy below is our article in full. We’ll now post it each week on here. As ever we are very grateful to all those at the Canarian Weekly that allow room for our articles. If you can’t get a copy of the paper remember that it can be read on line. Click on the link at the top right hand side of their website and choose the addition you want to read. https://www.canarianweekly.com

KittyCatz is now in its second year and has gone from strength to strength, there is certainly the need for an organisation to help the most sick and vulnerable cats and kittens of Tenerife. The first few months we had no money and very little in the way of donations which was hard for us but what we did have was plenty of enthusiasm and years of experience nursing cats and kittens. We try to help other charities as much as possible who don’t have the volunteers available or who have volunteers but not those with the experience required. Our first sick kitten came from another charity who asked us to help. She had a terrible eye infection which needed months of care but sadly subsequently one of the eyes needed to be removed. At the same time we received our first donation of kitten milk and some fleece bedding so we cut up a small piece of the fleece blanket to make her a little jacket to keep her warm before she was due her surgery. She was eventually adopted into a wonderful home and is happy and healthy. Not all cases have a happy ending however. If you are following us on Facebook, you may recall the story about Sara who came to us before Christmas from a holiday complex. She was found confused and bumping into walls with a huge cyst on her face. It transpired that she was blind and very poorly. The jelly cyst was removed but she suffered some serious seizures at her foster home and was sadly put to sleep. What’s most important though is that she spent her final days being loved, treated, fed and in a clean bed, not crawling with fleas and eating food from bins. Not all cases have a happy ending but we do our best to help cats and kittens most in need. You can support us by liking our Facebook page following the news on our website and attending our events. Donations of food, litter or money can also be made to Vet Express behind Gran Sur, every little helps. We would like to thank everyone who started the journey with us and those who have joined us along the way. We are very proud of how far we have come with the support of old friends and new. Now in our second year we have plenty of news stories on our website together with an online shop. Our Facebook page is growing and we have had several very successful fundraising events and more planned for 2020. Follow us on Facebook





Thank you from Team KittyCatz

As the festive season approaches & the year draws to a close; we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us throughout 2019. Without your continued support & donations, our work would be impossible to do.
The Kittycatz team may be small, but each volunteer works tirelessly helping the sick & vulnerable kittens in Tenerife. We can assure you that ALL donations great & small are used for the treatment & care of these cats.
HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR from all at team Kittycatz.
We look forward to seeing you all again in 2020.





Happy Christmas from Sangha San Miguel

Sangha San Miguel wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. I would like to thank everyone who has supported the farm this year. A special thank you to Gillian Banks for her continued support with the children who visit the farm weekly, their progress and understanding of animal care has improved immeasurably. Also a special thanks to those of you who donated money and time to help Rayo the mule, a very expensive time for Sangha, and as you can see in the video, time, love and attention have helped him, but sadly his health continues to fail. Finally to the other organisations who work closely with us helping all animals particularly Live Paws, KittyCatz and Madat. Kindest Regards to you all, Mark.





Togetherness at KittyCatz

Togetherness at KittyCatz. KittyCatz was started by a small group of volunteers who wanted to help the most sick, vulnerable and tiny cats and kittens in Tenerife. We never realised just how successful we would be and this year we have gone from strength to strength. We couldn’t have done it without our supporters who recognise how important our work is and our expert volunteers who give up so much of their time. A MASSIVE THANK YOU for helping us.





Java Bar name the Teddy

Heather Hume was the winner of Name The Teddy in Java Bar, Los Cristianos. Thanks as always to our fantastic supporter Jayne Fearnall who is a regular host of name the teddy. The next game will start on Friday. KittyCatz are lucky to have Jayne and Hannah as supporters and adopters of little Pascal, I’m looking forward to hearing what their adventurous kitten has been up to.