Update: 25/07/20

Skinny minies favourite time of the day. She loves to come into the house for an hour or two a day, away from the other cats in the cattery.  Sitting in her box whilst she is fussed and loved then she has a roam around exploring. She’s so sweet and easy to care for… However she doesn’t like the powder for her kidney function, so has to have it syringe fed in meat but apart from that she’s putting on weight nicely.














Update: 25/07/20

 What a difference a day makes! Cris, named after the man that found him  went back to the vets today. Having been unwell last night, needing fluids under the skin and raised temperature, things were not looking good… Would you believe the difference now!
Drinking, feeding on his own and calling for love.  Unfortunately he has to stay isolated for now because he is still infectious.
Long may this improvement continue.









Case Closed

Billy is settling in with lovely lady who found him! 😻
Billy was hand reared by one of our fabulous carers into this gorgeous kitten 😻 It’s difficult to say goodbye to the kitties we care for, especially when you’re on round the clock feeding duty! 🍼
It definitely takes the edge off when we see them so happy in their forever homes 🏡 Thank you for the photos Karen!








Update 21/07/20

These little new borns who were rescued in Guía de Isora have had round the clock care and attention by one of our fabulous carers 🍼✨  Unfortunately one hasn’t made it but the other two are going strong.
They’re on the move, eyes opened and their curiosity is growing too 😸
Still a long way to go with good quality food, milk, vitamins and treatment 🩺💊









Seeing Double

2 of Minnie’s minis have been adopted TOGETHER 😻❤️🐾🏡
Such wonderful news! We wish you and your new additions lots of fluffy snuggles ahead 🐾🐾
There are still 2 Minis available!
1 boy 💙
1 girl 💗 
Do not hesitate to contact Centro Veterinario Vet Express or ourselves for more information on the simple adoption process 










Santiago del Teide Kitten

This poor boy was picked up from the streets of Santiago del Teide by a gentleman who kindly took the him to Yaiza Vets in Los Cristianos.  Hes had a full check up and various treatments have been given.
This sick little kitten is finding it difficult to breathe as he is so full of mucous! He will be syringe fed every hour, a little and often as it is difficult for him to swallow and can’t smell food so won’t eat 💔
Sweet little baby about 8 weeks old, we hope and pray he manages to fight through the night to see yaiza tomorrow .









21 Today

21 Today!!!! No, thats NOT the amount of kittens we are fostering, how many years we’ve been helping cats, or even how many times our latest babies woke up last night for feeds.

Its actually the amount of TEAMERS we have. We are so grateful to all those that have taken 5 minutes to support us by pledging 1€ a month to help us with our work. We NEED MORE though. Its easy to join, takes just a few minutes and can be done in any currency from any country. So PLEASE PLEASE, if you haven’t done so already please join, and if you HAVE joined please take a moment to comment below about how easy it was. Click on our link below.












Update: 19/07/20

Slight less of a skinny mini now! 😻 as you can see her feeding regime is working and she’s putting on weight 💪 She is such a sweetheart 😻 Minnie is in the cage for feeds and overnight as her medication is administered through her food which she eats up by the morning 🙏 She likes hiding in cupboards and gets on well with the other cats at her foster carers home 🏡
We’re so fortunate in our small group of volunteers at KittyCatz to have people with vast knowledge and experience to help kitties with special requirements & treatment.













Update: 12/07/20

This beautiful momma is in a bad way.
Minnie has always had her sweet little head tilt which is caused by a neurological problem. As she was still able to lead a normal cat mum life, it was little cause for concern.
Since giving birth the the ‘minis’ 😻 Minnie herself was a little underweight, as she was being a top mama feeding her little ones so well it did not initially seem as though it was a serious problem.

How things change 🙀😿
Her results were not what we hoped they would be, she’s now severely underweight and suffering incontinence 💔
We’re super fortunate to have some experienced experts who volunteer for KittyCatz in order to care for her in the best way HOWEVER… treatment is neither free nor cheap.













Happy Travellers

It’s been a busy and successful week for the kitties in our care! ❤️
These 2 sweethearts have their forever homes 🏡 all the way in Germany! 🇩🇪
We’re so fortunate to have some lovely connections that help us re-home our kitties 🙏
In order for a kitty to travel, they need to be with a human… If anyone who frequently travels or knows someone who travels to Germany that would be happy to chaperone a cat/kitten LET US KNOW