Adoption Terms

A Lifetime Commitment​​​

Animals are for life. When you adopt an animal, it is a commitment you make to the animal, for the lifetime of that animal. We’re here to answer questions and help solve problems but the ultimate responsibility is yours. By adopting a cat from KittyCatz, you are making a commitment to provide love, care, and medical treatment for the life of the animal, which can be up to 20 years. Adopting a cat is a serious commitment, but one that is incredibly rewarding.

If you are unable to make such a long-term commitment, we would be happy to have you become a foster parent instead, or consider volunteering. It’s a great way to make a difference in an animal’s life without taking on such a long-term commitment.

Adoption fee and what it covers

As part of our adoption policies, the KittyCatz  adoption fee is 75€ for males and 95€ females there will be a discount if you adopt two at the same time. This adoption fee helps to cover veterinary treatment and is far cheaper than can generally be obtained by approaching a veterinary clinic privately.

All of our adult cats have already been:

  • Spayed or castrated
  • Vaccinated
  • Treated for fleas
  • Wormed
  • Tested for FeLV (Feline Leukemia) and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)
  • Microchipped

An official veterinary heath record will be provided free of charge that  shows what treatment has been provided for each specific cat.

If you adopt a kitten, depending on the kitten’s age, the 2 kitten vaccines may or may not be complete as kitten vaccines are given 3 weeks apart and your kitten may be too young. If the vaccine series or neutering is not yet complete at the time of adoption you will be given information about when and where to take the kitten to finalise treatment.

Our adoption fees do not cover the average cost of our rescues. We always provide any necessary medical care for the cats and kittens we take in, such as surgery for injuries or congenital problems, x-rays, blood tests, faecal tests, and treatment for upper respiratory infections and viruses. Donations above and beyond the adoption fee are greatly appreciated and help us continue to rescue the cats and kittens most in need.  KittyCatz themselves cannot directly accept donations but donations are very welcome to Sangha San Miguel or MADAT on our behalf.

Once you have adopted a new pet into your family, all veterinary expenses are your responsibility for the life of your pet.

Our Adoption Process

To help ensure that we place our cats in loving, responsible, committed homes, we have a screening process before you can adopt a cat. We reserve the right to turn down potential adopters as we deem necessary.

Step one: we ask that you complete our Adoption Application which can be completed on-line.

Step two: a representative of KittyCatz will contact you to talk about the type of cat/kitten you are looking to adopt, including temperament, colour, age etc.  They will also make arrangements for you to view those meeting your requirements.

Step three: on the day of adoption you will be required to sign our Adoption Contract and pay the adoption fee. A receipt will be given in the name of Sangha San Miguel or MADAT as appropriate.

Please note a home visit is mandatory either prior to adoption or more usually to deliver the cat/kitten being adopted on the day of adoption.

Returning your Cat

If for any reason you wish or need to return a cat you’ve adopted from us, you can do so within one calendar week after adoption for a full refund of the adoption fee.
After that, be it months or years later, if you need to give up your cat we require that you must contact us and we will help where possible to find them a home them.  Please note that is NOT always possible particularly when very short notice is given.  In these instances we will not be able to refund the adoption fee, but we do our best to find  home him/her.