Help Please

During these difficult times requests for us to help cats and kittens keep on flooding in. We’re doing our best with limited resources but we are desperately short of food for weaning. We have to use good quality food because the health of the kittens we take is fragile and a food packed with vitamins and nutrients gives them the best chance of survival. We have no way of doing our normal fundraising so if anyone can spare a few euros to help us buy more it would make a massive difference to how many we can help. Even 1€ will help towards another bag/tin, every little helps. Donations can be made by:
– In person at Vet Express in Torviscas
– PayPal
– Bank transfer to Sangha San Miguel IBAN: ES05 3058 1311 9527 2001 1913

Please state “KittyCatz” on all donations. We and the kitties would be very grateful.🙏🙏