Auf Wiedersehen pet

KittyCatz said Auf Wiedersehen pet recently to Garci who travelled to his forever home in Germany. This was made possible by working with our affiliated charity MAdAT (Manos Amigas De los Amimales de Tenerife). Although MAdAT have a refuge, there are limited spaces available and like most charities in Tenerife who offer sanctuary, they sadly have to turn animals away and can only accept the most urgent cases. MAdAT have rehomed many cats and dogs abroad but its a lot of work. Not only does the travel passport have to be arranged but also export paperwork has to be obtained from Santa Cruz and prospective adoptees have to be scrutinised. All adopters have to complete an online application and once approved, a home visit is arranged. Then the mammoth task begins of finding chaperones willing to accompany the animal, available flights, pet passports and vaccinations. If you are following us on social media or these weekly newspaper article, you’ll know Garci a beautiful tabby coloured boy had his leg removed and was lucky enough to have donations from our intrepid skydiving duo Teresa and Ann with the added support of Sharon who raised 500 euros to pay all of his treatment including his pet passport. Garci’s injury was probably the result of his leg being crushed, maybe by a car as he was found lying in the road. Once operated on, he bounced back quickly and was just like any active bouncing kitten in no time. Garci now lives in a wonderful home in Germany with a play mate and both kittens chase each other and have great fun playing, three legs do not slow him down! Certain kittens are more difficult to rehome in Tenerife, as there are so many cats and kittens needing adoption. Those with special needs, such as leukaemia positive, blind or three legged like Garcie can be overlooked and these are the kittens KittyCatz help. If you are flying to Germany and would like to find out more about what is involved when being a chaperone we would love to hear from you for a no obligation chat. There is no cost to you all costs for the transport of the animal are paid for by us. Follow us on Facebook or