Dream Team

If you haven’t managed to pick up a copy of this weeks Canarian weekly here is a copy of the text from our article.

Teamwork makes the dream work and that’s certainly true at KittyCatz. Some of the foster team have been fostering for many years and some are fairly new to the whole experience. There is no stupid question when it comes to the health and well being of those in our care and we work together to bring the best care to the sick cats and kittens of Tenerife. At KittyCatz, we only take vulnerable cases but it is so easy when you are an animal lover to want to take them all. It’s difficult to turn a cat or kitten away but it’s a group decision. We give each other emotional support at these times. There is always someone to share the heartache if we have to take a kitten or cat to the vets to have it put to sleep. Never a happy day but sometimes it’s the kindest decision. When we take on a kitten, we also have to consider the logistics of to who and when. This often entails shuffling kittens around between foster carers to give the expert care required. Zeus came to us with a cold which wouldn’t clear. After a vet visit the first volunteer began a course of antibiotics, saline up the nostrils and treatment in a home made steam room and still the mucus remained. A couple of weeks later the mucus was still as bad as ever so off Zeus went to another carer. It turned out that Zeus was allergic to a plant in the garden but when he stayed with someone who had a terrace the mucus disappeared. It’s not just each other we depend on. Family and friends are often called upon to help us, especially with the donation of raffle prizes. Who knew what the customs officers thought when our family and friends filled hand luggage with rubber ducks for our garden fete last year and the hook a duck game! Our partners are our greatest supporters. they are working almost as hard as the volunteers. One of the volunteer’s husband, Zeke Neville from Granadilla Diving ran a competition called Fish in Box to pay for an eye removal for a poorly kitten. He also donates a percentage for anyone who books a dive through his website. If you would like to help us by becoming a foster carer, providing a prize for a raffle, hosting one of our collection boxes or volunteering in any way contact us for an informal chat. Follow us on Facebook or our website www.kittycatz.net