Lost Pet?

The Veterinary Schools of Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife have launched a mobile application to find lost animals on the islands, “Zoocan Buscamascotas”, announced today.

This tool allows both pet owners and individuals to download the application and register their animals so that, in case of loss, they can view and search for the pet or contact the owner of the animal to notify them of the finding.

The owner must register in the app, enter your ID and microchip number of your pet, so that, at any time, if necessary, you can register your animal as lost.

In the main panel of the application for the mobile photos are shown of the animals lost in the islands and the approximate place in which they were last seen, is highlighted in the note.

The application provides all the necessary information: photo, name, microchip number, species, breed and observations of the owner about the loss.

The Canary Registry of Animal Identification (Zoocan) currently has a census of more than 600,000 animals, mainly dogs and cats.