Update 8th August 2018

Kitty was taken today for a full check up at one of our partner vets.  As Kitty is in such a delicate state it has been expressly decided NOT to wash kitty or worry to much about her outward appearance at this stage.  It is much more important to concentrate on the causes of the diarrhoea, her dehydration and emaciation. As is our standard practice she was tested for Leukaemia and Feline aids.  Unfortunately she was positive for Leukaemia.   Although she is suffering with chronic diarrhoea she is in other ways very healthy.  She is eating well, alert and generally very happy in herself.  She was given long acting antibiotics and a powder mixture of wormer, antibiotics and probiotic to be added to her food.  We are hopeful that her leukaemia is not “active” and that she is so thin because of lack of nutrician.